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Guidelines for Pool Lifts


1. For swimming pools with less than 300 linear feet of pool wall, at least one accessible means of entry shall be provided --a swimming pool lift or a sloped entry. For pools with more than 300 linear feet of pool wall, at least two accessible means of entry shall be provided. It is recommended that the primary and secondary means be different. The primary means of entry shall be a swimming pool lift or a sloped entry. The secondary means of entry shall be a swimming pool lift, sloped entry, a transfer wall, a transfer system, or pool stairs.

2. Pool Lift Location. Pool lifts shall be located where the water level does not exceed 48" unless the entire pool depth is greater

3. Seat Location. In raised position, the centerline of the seat shall be located over the deck and 16" minimtjm from pool edge.

4. Clear DeckSpace. On the side of the seat opposite the water, a clear deck space shall be provided-- 36"wide minimum and extending forward 48"minimum from a line located 12" behind rear edge of seat.

5. Seat Height. The height of the lift seat shall be designed to allow a stop at 16"-19" measured from deck to top of seat surface when raised.

6. Seat Width. The seat shall be 16" minimum wide.

7. Footrests and Armrests. Footrests shall be provided and move with seat. Footrests are recommended but not required on lifts for spas. If provided, armrests positioned opposite the water shall be removable or shall fold clear of the seat when in the raised position.

8. Operation. Pool lifts must be capable of unassisted operation from both deck and water levels, permitting a person to call the pool lift when the seat is in the opposite position so s/he will not be stranded in the water.

9. Submerged Depth. The seat shall submerge to a water depth of 18"minimum below the stationary water level.

10. Lifting Capacity. Single person pool lifts shall have a minimum weight load of 300 lbs. and be capable of sustaining a static load of at least one and one half times the rated load. Providing a pool lift with a weight capacity greater than 300 lbs. may be advisable.


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